Kakamega police detain bull for killing elderly woman

Kakamega police detain bull for killing elderly woman

A bull detained at the Sisasari police station in Kakamega after it reportedly killed an elderly woman

A bull has been detained at a police station in Lurambi constituency, Kakamega County, after it trampled an elderly woman fatally injuring her.

The incident has left the family of 60-year-old Felistus Itieva from Matioli village in mourning following her death.

According to witnesses, the deceased was taking a walk alongside her grandson when the bull charged at them.

The bull is said to have lost its cool and began charging at the two when her grandson broke into a run after seeing the giant bull grazing by the roadside.

"The bull had been tethered by the roadside, and when the grandson saw it, he started running, and that’s when the bull charged at them, in the process cutting loose the rope,” said Patrick Anguba.

“The bull came face to face with the grandmother, before ploughing through her," he added.  

Area Chief Ben Mulinya who confirmed the incident said the victim was taken to a nearby hospital by neighbours who heard the commotion and rushed to the scene to help.

“The neighbours were able to rush her to Mukumu hospital for treatment,” said the chief.

Adding: “Five of her ribs were broken, she had deep wounds in the head and the abdomen. She succumbed last night on Monday, July 4.”

Angry residents are said to have stormed the home of Mr. Vitute Mirimo, said to be the owner of the bull, demanding to kill the animal to fulfil Isukha's tradition.

"The bull and its owner are being detained at the Sisasari police station as police continue with their investigations," said the chief.

A resident told Wananchi Reporting that according to the Isukah's tradition, in the event a bull kills someone, it is to be slaughtered and its meat distributed to the neighbours. The victim's family is, however, forbidden from eating the meat.



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