Garsen: Medical camp uncovers worrying cases of UTIs and skin rashes

Garsen: Medical camp uncovers worrying cases of UTIs and skin rashes


By Ejidiah Wangui

A recent medical camp has brought to light the severe health challenges faced by residents of Ganze, a drought-stricken village in Kilifi County.

The camp revealed alarming rates of urinary tract infections (UTIs) and skin rashes among the local population.

In a region characterized by extreme poverty, inadequate road infrastructure, and a lack of medical facilities, hygiene has become a minimal concern.

Tudor Healthcare’s intervention identified over 150 cases of UTIs among women.

Dr. Tobias Koi, founder of Tudor Healthcare, emphasised the dire need for boreholes to address the health issues stemming from contaminated water sources.

"The area is prone to waterborne diseases like bilharzia, and the level of hygiene is also wanting. The villages battling bilharzia, an infection caused by a parasitic worm, feel they are an abandoned lot," said Dr. Koi. He added that men and children in the region also suffer from skin rashes in large numbers.

Villages such as Tsangalaweni, Mwaeba, Malomani, and Midodoni are the most affected by these health issues.

Residents, like 70-year-old Julius Baya, shared their struggles with accessing medical care. Baya, who sustained severe burns in an accident 20 years ago, recounted his difficulties in obtaining medication from the local clinics, often being referred to the distant Kilifi District Hospital, a journey he cannot afford due to the high transportation costs.

Christine Pendo, a pregnant mother of four, highlighted the insufficient medical services available for the elderly in her community.

While prenatal care at Ganze Clinic is satisfactory, the lack of specialised care for other health conditions remains a significant challenge.

Boniface Nganga, Ganze Sub County Administrator, acknowledged the logistical challenges but assured that medical services are available across clinics in Magarini Sub County.

He urged locals to utilize the Community Health Providers (CHP) for referrals and not to wait until their health conditions worsen.

Dr. Koi’s appeal for more frequent medical camps and the establishment of boreholes in Ganze underscores the urgent need for improved healthcare infrastructure and water sanitation in the region.

The medical camp not only provided immediate relief to many but also highlighted the long-term interventions required to address the systemic health challenges faced by Ganze's residents.


Garsen Community Health Providers (CHP) urinary tract infections (UTIs) and skin rashes

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