Homa Bay MP Peter Kaluma submits Bill to Parliament seeking to criminalize LGBTQ

Homa Bay MP Peter Kaluma submits Bill to Parliament seeking to criminalize LGBTQ

Homa Bay Town MP George Peter Kaluma during a past address. PHOTO | COURTESY

Homa Bay Town Member of Parliament George Peter Opondo Kaluma now says he has submitted the Family Protection Bill to the National Assembly.

The new Bill proposes a ban on homosexuality, same-sex marriages and any hint of LGBTQ activities and lobbying in the country.

By prohibiting the promotion of LGBTQ in the country, Kaluma's Bill suggests the clamping down on its promoters and funding by various groups.

According to the controversial Bill, sex remains a physical state of being male or female observed and assigned at birth, and not an identity one is free to choose and assign themselves.

According to the hardline lawmaker who has, over the last few months made his stance clear, parents should retain rights to their children’s education, and they must be informed and give consent to their children's sexuality education.

The proposed strict measures also have far-reaching implications on sexual health and sexual health rights & education.

According to the Bill, Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE) in pre-primary, primary and secondary schools education programs: the teaching of abortion, homosexuality, LGBTQ issues, abortion and masturbation to children should be banned.

Further, the Bill also limits the rights to assembly, demonstration, association, expression, belief, privacy, employment in child care institutions in respect of homosexuality convicts and those engaged in LGBTQ behavior while also prohibiting adoption by homosexuals and LGBTQ persons.

According to Kaluma, a traditional family values champion, the penalty imposed under the proposed Act ranges from imprisonment of at least 10 years to death.

While sharing his proposals on Twitter, the MP has found massive support from many Kenyans on Twitter including Gospel singer Daddy Owen who wrote, "Finally! Here we go!"

Other users, however, have disagreed with the lawmaker.

Twitter user @omolloanthony wrote, "If you pass the bill we will challenge it in court, why legislate hate?" to which the MP replied, "Crime is crime. All criminals: murderers, rapists, homosexuals etc have the right to equality and equal treatment before the law - arrest, prosecution, jail."

On Tuesday, March 21, Uganda passed a new bill in Parliament that could see LGBTQ members serve up to 10 years in prison for simply not being heterosexual.

According to several leading media outlets, part of the Bill that criminalises homosexuality reads: "A person commits the offence of homosexuality if the person holds out as a lesbian, gay, transgender, queer or any other sexual or gender identity that is contrary to the binary categories of male and female."

Long-serving Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has in the past called out Western countries for imposing LGBTQ agenda on Africans and gave a stern warning that his country would not allow it.


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