Chapo madondo Thao? Kenyans on X perplexed by man selling popular food items in dollars

Chapo madondo Thao? Kenyans on X perplexed by man selling popular food items in dollars

Kenyans on X (formerly Twitter) are finding it hard to wrap their minds around the fact that someone in Nairobi is selling chapati, beans, smokies and spinach in US dollars.

After someone asked his followers to plug their businesses, one X user @horack_k proudly shared a flyer which clearly shows the foods he sells, where he sells them at and the prices - just that, it is in dollars.

Horack, a food vendor, sells his products to people mostly living in and around Gigiri, Spring Valley, Runda and Kitisuru and has found the perfect way to keep his business afloat even as the shilling continues to tumble - go the dollar way.

When someone asked him, "Why is it priced in dollars?" he answered, "We want a stable business, the shillings is not stable!"

Unconvinced, one follower @kamoyaninancy told him off, saying that there was an actual reason for him to conduct his business in dollars.

"You could have just said you're mostly targeting foreigners and that's okay! Not saying ati Shilling is not stable! We see the neighbourhoods you target. Obviously, that explains the currency!"

What stood out for most people was the fact that the food vendor was selling chapati with coconut beans and creamed spinach in dollars, all going for $10.99 which is roughly Ksh.1,600.

Horack's other prices which have caused a huge conversation online is that of two samosas/sausages going for $5 (approx. Ksh.760).

Kenyans on X have reacted to the dollarization of the Kenyan economy with many sharing various memes of themselves after paying such hefty prices for basic foods they normally buy cheaply at the local kibanda.

One user said, "I just know I’m not the target audience and I’m glad I realized it soon (crying emojis). Masala fries ninunue Thao Moja? Can't be me!"

On her part Njeri Gachuhi said, "It’s giving Zimbabwe. Like for real, for real! We have started heading there coz I’ve also been pricing some of my trips in USD!"

Kenyan business owners have been lately forced to resort to creative ways to combat the weakening shilling as many more even opt to close shop indefinitely as the cost of living - exacerbated by high taxation - continues to skyrocket.


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