Rapper Madtraxx responds to wife's claims of being abusive

Rapper Madtraxx responds to wife's claims of being abusive

A side-by-side image of Salma Hussein and musician Madtraxx from their wedding day. PHOTOS | COURTESY

Veteran Genge rapper Madtraxx, born George Muigai, has clarified his estranged wife's social media posts in which she alleged that he was a perpetual abuser.

Taking to Instagram on June 7, Salma Hussein, the rapper's wife and mother of his children, shared several photos which appeared to show evidence of severe physical abuse including a black eye, swollen face and hand bruises.

Hussein then went on to share a brief caption which explicitly revealed that her husband, who she has been with for ten years, is a “woman abuser.”

She wrote: "Never have I thought I’ll be beaten in my life… but I married an animal!! Y’all superstar Madtraxx!"

"My whole life I’m battling anxiety, fear, and trauma!! Just because of this guy !!#10 years with a woman abuser!"

In the carousel of photos, Hussein also included various documents which included a doctor's report and police OB report.

The doctor's report she shared, dating back to 2021, describes ecchymosis around the left eye, bruising on her upper limb, knees, soft tissue injury to the head and scratch marks on her left leg, suggesting that the abuse has been ongoing for years.

But on a phone call with Citizen Digital, Madtraxx denied the allegations, saying that his estranged wife was attempting to revisit an old situation and that he had already closed the chapter and was unwilling to add fuel to the fire.

"I don't want to speak negatively about her because she's the mother of my children, but I'm glad I'm out of that toxic situation…I'm glad that's behind me," he said. 

"I don't know what's she's trying to achieve. She's trying to get a reaction out of me. It's all in the past and now she's trying to bring it back up to drag me into her toxic trail."

Madtraxx went on to state that he and Hussein have been long separated and that he was forging ahead with his life - and that of the children too. 

"None of what she shared is happening right now, I think she's just hurting because we're not together. She's in the past. The kids and I are moving forward. Kwanza ame abandon watoi," he said.

The allegations come just six months after the couple celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary.

The former Kansoul member and Hussein tied the knot in a lavish private ceremony in 2018 attended by close family and friends including their two daughters.

Just six months ago, the 'Get Down' rapper posted a loving tribute to his wife, stating; "Happy Anniversary to us My Love! 5 years is such a Blessing. I love having you as my Queen through this journey. Love you."


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