King Kaka addresses reports of separation with wife Nana Owiti

King Kaka addresses reports of separation with wife Nana Owiti

Rapper King Kaka and his wife Nana Owiti. PHOTO | COURTESY

After a turbulent week in the rumour mill, rapper King Kaka has addressed rumours of a separation from his wife Nana Owiti.

The rumours gained traction when it was observed that Nana Owiti, an avid Arsenal fan, was spending quality time in the UK, enjoying the vibrant soccer culture and constantly sharing photos of her soccer encounters in London.

Many took online to claim that Owiti had run away from her matrimonial home, with some even claiming that she had falsified her immigration papers and fled with the children.

The rumour was further buttressed after King Kaka celebrated Mother's Day with a tribute to his mother but notably did not mention Nana Owiti, adding fire to an already messy speculation.

A cursory look through each of their Instagram pages also revealed two rather emotionally distant people - King Kaka has been busy promoting his upcoming 'Monkey Business' movie premier while Nana Owiti has been splashing all her riveting London escapades across the timeline.

After intense speculation, King Kaka has now publicly addressed the rumours regarding his family, emphatically denying allegations of clout chasing for his upcoming Friday show.

Expressing his frustration, King Kaka stated that he and Nana do not engage in clout chasing, especially when it involves family matters.

While also shooting down the "death certificate" claims, Kaka urged content creators to be more responsible, highlighting the impact of such false narratives on the many people involved.

"I don’t clout chase, sanasana when it comes to family. Neither does Nana. I was not even going to address this but the fact that it's touching family, I have to. I know people get excited when it comes to content creation and we want to say things na tudanganye," he said.

"Now the whole country has picked up your fake story. Ati kuna death certificate na watoi wameibiwa wako America."

The Kaka Empire boss also clarified that contrary to the circulating stories, Nana is not abroad but in the country, and their children are attending school as usual.

"Nana is in the country, the kids are in school. Mi nashangaa hizo story zinatoka wapi. Let's be mindful. There are so many people involved when we create these fake stories. Let's create content but tusiharibu kitu nzuri," he said.

"Nimeskia story mob, ati mimi niko hadi na death certificate na niko hapa! Ama I’m hallucinating?"

Some online users speculated that the couple's silence and the timing of these occurrences might have been a deliberate tactic to generate interest in King Kaka's upcoming film series.

Some have concluded that this is all a publicity stunt aimed at attracting viewers to the premiere of 'Monkey Business' on May 17, 2024.


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