Kamene Goro to Kenyan women: You’re a limited resource, stop being too available

Kamene Goro to Kenyan women: You’re a limited resource, stop being too available

Radio personality Kamene Goro. PHOTO | COURTESY

By Zipporah Odionyi

Radio personality Kamene Goro has advised Kenyan women to be selfish with their time, bodies and space saying they're very limited resources.

"Let me tell you something, you might not realize it but you are a very limited resource. By the way, you have an x number of years of existence so stop giving them out willy-nilly. You cannot be always readily available for everyone, every opportunity to hung out and have fun," she said in a recorded segment of her Kiss FM show.

“Your heart cannot be available for every love opportunity your time cannot be available for everyone who wants to have it. You are a precious and limited resource. Do not let anyone call you and think they can have your day off, be stingy.

Kamene told a story of a chat she had with her friends and realized just how much women make themselves too available to their male counterparts.

Earlier on, the media personality had shared an Instagram post on the same and told ladies to play hard to get.

“Baby girl, ringa yako yote. It is unnerving to see how available some ladies are to everything. Ladies know your parameters, be selfish with your time and space," she wrote.

Kamene noted that women have lost their pride and value because they no longer set standards and boundaries.

"I don't pick up calls beyond 8pm because past 8pm is my ‘me’ time. Baby girl if you do not set these parameters people will walk all over you," she stated.


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