Fast-rising Kenyan record label announces new signees as it promises to unleash massive artistic projects

Fast-rising Kenyan record label announces new signees as it promises to unleash massive artistic projects

After what may appear like a concerning lull, CMG Records has finally revealed that the silence fans have witnessed over the last month or so has been necessitated by the conglomerate's internal restructuring which saw the music body onboard more talent and a skilled, thoroughbred management team.

The record label, whose founder and president is renowned music impressario and business magnate Stephen 'Dezz' Aoll, earlier this year brought on board two seasoned entertainment managers and A&R (artists and repertoire) representatives tasked with the smooth running of the label as well as the restructuring of the entire artistry, talent management and artistic development.

Loice Mwangi and Gift Nasimiyu, two brilliantly-gifted artist insiders with a wealth of experience in artist management and talent augmentation, are the two brains behind the steady expansion and intensification of the CMG Records label.

Both joined the label towards the end of January and have been hugely instrumental in the activities the label has embarked on - they have not only been overseeing the artistry but also streamlining the events and public activities undertaken.

"We've been tasked with driving the team forward and bringing the CMG Records dream to life. We live in a fast-evolving world and we have to align ourselves with the needs and challenges of the current musical world," Loice Mwangi said.

"We, therefore, found it prudent to lead the team in a way that matches with the global pace as well as ensuring that no one is left behind and no skill or gift is untapped."

As a testament of the duo's resourcefulness, CMG Records has now fully-signed at least 10 talents all tasked with various responsibilities and all bringing on board their various skills and talents as the label seeks to conquer even more ground.

Artists who have already signed contracts and who have now been officially recognised as part of the effervescent CMG movement include renowned gospel star Nakoche Msela and many others. 

Additionally, the label has added onto its roster several other talents who will enrich the brand and complement the music output in various artforms, including; Tiktokers, graphic designers, DJs, content producers etc etc.

CMG was also keen to add that the talent team comprises three tiers, all merit-based. They are; platinum (highest-ranking) followed by gold and then sliver. 

"These signings were long overdue," Gift Nasimiyu says. "There was a need to officially recognise these talents and task them with their various responsibilities as we sought to forge ahead and conquer the industry from all fronts."

Speaking about the new developments, Dezz, also affectionately known as 'Bossy', said that the team had anticipated to start the year in a more structured manner and that the timing could not have been better.

"It has been weeks of no sleep and research as we tried to align ourselves with today's market and music consumption," Dezz said.

"Finally, all has been settled. I'm glad that everyone knows their task and I'm happy that the management has been up-to-par. Something is definitely cooking. We couldn't drop any major releases before we had made proper foundational plans and learned the audience expertly."

As par Loice and Gift, the team is already raring to go as they seek to release new music and videos as well as launch the first-ever CMG Records-USA online media platform, whose face will be acclaimed media starlet Kenda Risper.


CMG Stephen 'Dezz' Aoll

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