Azziad speaks over alleged 'leaked' video

Azziad speaks over alleged 'leaked' video

Azziad Nasenya

Social media personality Azziad Nasenya Wafula has broken her silence after a an explicit video surfaced online alleging that she was featured in it.

Taking to her social media on Monday evening, Azziad dismissed the claims noting that she is not the person featured in the video, and termed it as misleading.

She further lauded her fans for also flagging the claims, saying that the tattoos on the woman purported to be her do not resemble hers, adding that she should add a more distinct tattoo to distinguish her from others.

"I'm sure by now most of you have seen it and I'm here to burst your bubble because it ain't me," she said in a video on Twitter.

"I'm grateful to my online family for coming through and saying that's not me because you guys know all my tats and I feel like at this point I should be rubberstamping some on my forehead to just show you that yeah, that's not me."

The TikTok star went on to urge people to mind their business, especially at the genesis of a new year, censuring those who are fond of spreading false information to be cautious not to soil someone's prominence.

"We shouldn't be in that business of creating false information around such topics because if you are spreading such information then you are being an enabler to cyber bullying which honestly is not cool," she said. 

"You should be rejoicing in things that make you a better individual rather than rejoicing in things that you feel are going to lead to the downfall of another person's reputation." 

She cautioned those behind the false video to seek a remedy to their actions or even take up their 4-life rule advice.

"You should do better, call yourself into a meeting ujiongeleshe kidogo. I always say in life there are very simple rules; pray to God, work hard, mind your business and always show some kindness because it doesn't take anything from you.


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