Andrew Tate talks feminism, jail, his children and Elon Musk in interview with Piers Morgan

Andrew Tate talks feminism, jail, his children and Elon Musk in interview with Piers Morgan

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Controversial British influencer Andrew Tate sat down with British TV personality Piers Morgan for an extended interview where he dished out on everything from his controversial tweets to his hardline views on women, jail stint and claims of brainwashing his young, male followers.

In part one of the interview with Piers Morgan Uncensored, the influencer claimed that he had children - this was while discussing the state of the Romanian jail where he was held after being arrested on rape and human trafficking charges.

When asked if he cried in jail, Tate responded: "To do push ups thinking of your children with tears running down your face, but you are concerned with finishing as many push ups as possible within that day, I do not consider that crying, I consider that tears running down my face."

Piers Morgan then read Andrew Tate's offensive tweets back to him during the interview broadcast on Monday, 20 November.

The British broadcaster described the tweets as the "purest definition of misogyny I have ever read" after he read out the controversial influencer's views on women and his treatment of his partner.

Tate, who is currently awaiting trial in Romania alongside his brother Tristan on allegations of forming a criminal gang to exploit women which they both deny, claimed he was “coerced” into the TalkTV interview.

In a 40-second clip released on social media site X (formerly Twitter), Tate can be seen denying that he is a “fantasist” and claims that he was the victim of a “Matrix attack”, before angrily responding, “I was coerced into this interview!”.

When questioned about his influence over young men, Tate claimed that 85 per cent of women agreed with his views.

“Andrew, there are lots of women I know, personally, who find you incredibly offensive,” Morgan responded.

Pressed further on whether he personally identifies as a feminist, Tate confirmed his belief in empowered women.

However, he quickly qualified his statement by expressing the view that "men and women are created differently by God."

According to Tate, this divine distinction extends to specific roles, as he remarked, "A man has certain jobs and a woman has certain jobs."

While also discusing the role of women in the workplace, Tate said: "If you are with a man of my stature, you don’t have to work… I think a man should provide for a woman… I have no female hate at all. I have never had a negative interaction with a woman ever."

When confronted about his influence on young teenage boys, Tate offered a defensive response, asserting, "It’s very easy for a teenager, with their hormones and the lack of life experience, to take the things I say and weaponize them and use them in the incorrect context. However, that is not my fault."

Pressed further on whether he can prevent misunderstandings, he admitted, "Can I make sure that no teenager on the planet who listens to me ever misunderstands me, ever? No, I can’t do that, but I am doing my very best."

On Elon Musk's X platform, Tate stepped in to pledge funds to the US billionaire after antisemitism row caused several major companies to pull ads from the platform.

Tate, a well-known supporter of Musk, was reinstated on X when Elon took over the company in October 2022. Tate had originally been banned for life in 2017 when Jack Dorsey was in charge.

Now, Tate claimed he would fund Musk's advertising needs himself.

"I will advertise X on X," he wrote on X. "I will literally promote your own platform on this platform."

He then pledged his own $1m (Ksh. 152 Million) a month to help push X. 

"You dont need other advertisers," he wrote. "Simply let me know where to pay @elonmusk."

Tate, initially catapulted into the public eye during the 2016 season of Big Brother in the UK, has since cultivated a substantial fanbase, particularly among young boys and men.


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