Bebe Cool comes to the defense of his wife Zuena Kirema

Bebe Cool comes to the defense of his wife Zuena Kirema

Ugandan musician Bebe Cool, born Moses Ssali, says he sees no problem with fully providing for his wife, Zuena Kirema, whom sections have termed as a liability – to Bebe Cool – because she is unemployed.

Zuena Kirema in May, 2015 resigned from her position as host of The Life Stories, a real life show on NTV Uganda.

Zuena said her resignation was a family decision as she needed to concentrate on “unavoidable family issues”. At the time, Zuena Kirema was five months pregnant with her fourth baby.

Zuena Kirema later took to her social media page to announce the departure from NTV and thank her fans and NTV staff.

Zuena Kirema’s resignation from the media house was confirmed by NTV Uganda Human Resource Manager Solomon Muhiirwa.

Bebe Cool would, on social media, welcome the decision by his wife.

“I fully support my family and we make decisions collectively since we stick together,” Bebe Cool said.

He also said that the resignation was not in bad faith but rather for the good of his wife and his family.

Today, a section of social media users have taken to different platforms, to mock Zuena Kirema for quitting her well-paying job to become a house wife, who “fully depends on her husband”.

Bebe Cool has not taken the criticism directed toward his wife lying down.

He recently took to Facebook to write: “You say my wife’s job is to ask me for money to go to the salon, buy cars, fly to the USA for delivery blablabla. Now let me pump some sense into your heads: If expensive cars, good clothes and shoes, great health care abroad, and so on, is what it takes, I will do exactly those things for her till my last breath.

“It is my choice to see Zuena change her hair every week, drive an expensive car, go abroad for any reason, not kneel before me while serving me (because I want her knees to remain as smooth as I found them 14 years ago). The reason for all this is ensure that she keeps me turned on. I am very comfortable with my wife’s demands.”