Police rescue two men suspected of kidnapping children in Zimmerman

Police rescue two men suspected of kidnapping children in Zimmerman

Two men mistaken for kidnappers who have been terrorising residents of Zimmerman area of Nairobi on Saturday escaped death by a whisker after an angry mob attacked them, suspecting they were running away with a one-year-old child.

The two were cornered and beaten with the vehicle they were in destroyed only for the crowd to realise later that they were innocent.

Stones were endlessly pelted at the two men suffocated inside their red car, the irate mob had suspected the two of being behind the mysterious disappearances of children in the area as they were carrying a one-year-old child and could not explain whose baby it was.

Without a chance to explain themselves, the irate crowd went ahead to descend on the duo with all manner of crude weapons, accusing them of abducting the girl; their vandalized vehicle was turned upside down while the duo was still inside.

The girl’s mother, who was drawn to the scene by the melee, quickly defended the two against the allegations, saying she personally knew the men; her pleas however fell on deaf ears.

“Ni mabeshte zangu, sasa walikuwa wanachukua mtoto…na si the first time…nilikuwa kwa shop nikakujiwa nikaambiwa eti wameiba motto lakini hawakuwa wameiba,” she said.

The drama and the chaotic scenes witnessed here attracted multitudes. Lucy Wangui, the mother of Stacy, a girl who went missing two days ago, rushed to the scene in the hope that the commotion was about her child being found.

Police arrived at the scene and rescued the two before rushing them to a nearby hospital for emergency treatment.

Kasarani OCPD Peter Mwanzo said the residents acted aggressively and in a manner which was uncalled for.

OCPD Mwanzo, while confirming the cases of mysterious disappearances, said investigations to unravel the puzzle are ongoing.