Zanzibar anchors Lamu port operations

Zanzibar anchors Lamu port operations

The island of Zanzibar has set the tone for the operations of the recently commissioned Lamu port.

This as investors on the island make up about half of the activity at the port represented by three out of six consignments to land at the port since the start of operations in May this year.

Last week, the port of Lamu booked its largest consignment yet comprising of 364 containers of transshipment cargo.

The cargo which carried an assortment of goods including cooking oil, wheat flour and sugar is expected to be re-shipped to its final destination in Zanzibar by another vessel which docked at the port on Saturday.

Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Regional Coordinator for the Southern Region Joseph Toni has called on local investors and other traders in the region to follow their peers in Zanzibar in leveraging the hub.

The operations of the Lamu Port are hinged on transshipment which loosely translates to moving cargo from one vessel to another when on transit to its final destination.

Transshipment is largely done to save money on shipping costs even as it leads to increased transport times.

The Ksh.310 billion Lamu Port was commissioned by President Uhuru Kenyatta on May 20 becoming the country’s second commercial port after the port of Mombasa.

Government sees the port which is expected to have 23 berths as a key pillar of the Lamu Port-South Sudan-Ethiopia Transport (LAPSSET) corridor project.

Phase one of the project comprises of three berths, the first of which is operational. The two remaining berths are set to be complete in October.