Zack Kinuthia, Jaoko Odinga push for BBI support among youth

Zack Kinuthia, Jaoko Odinga push for BBI support among youth

Young Turks Handshake alliance, a lobby group headed by Education CAS Zack Kinuthia and Jaoko Oburu Odinga have reiterated their support for the BBI Bill.

The duo pointed out why the youth should be at the forefront to support the document saying it has numerous and life changing advantages for them.

According to them, the 35 per cent increase from 15 per cent currently given to counties will revolutionise and unleash potential of the economy in the rural areas creating millions of jobs for the youth.

“In addition a new allocation of Five per cent of all of a county government’s revenue in each financial year divided among all wards in the county,” said Mr. Jaoko in a statement.

Mr. Jaoko who is also the CEC for Roads, Public Works, Energy noted that the BBI is a determined effort to address the issues surrounding the divisive elections arising from the current defective electoral processes.

CAS Zack Kinuthia lauded the creation of more constituencies from the current 290 to 360 which he said will not only allow for better representation but also channel more Consistency Development Funds and provide more opportunities for the youth to have a stake in the country’s leadership.

“An increment of the CDF funds as a result of additional 70 constituencies will mean additional classrooms, bursary funds and better educational opportunities tour children across the nation,” said Mr Kinuthia.

They noted that the establishment of a Youth Commission in the document would entrench youth leadership and priorities in the development agenda of the country.

The duo noted that the BBI document seeks to solidify the input of the Youth in the Legislative affairs of the Country by having mandatory 2 Youth Representatives; 1 (one) man and 1 (one) woman nominated into the National Assembly.

They lauded counties that have already passed the bill including Siaya and Homa Bay and encouraged the rest to follow suit.

They explained that Young Turks Handshake Alliance (YoTHA) is a non-partisan national network of patriotic young Kenyans united across tribal, race, and class and political divides in support of the handshake and the BBI.

To achieve this, they have embarked on an ambitious plan to set up a 18,000-strong coordination team drawn from across the country which consists of 50 per cent women and 50 per cent men.

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