Nairobi parents warned over bizarre cult Young Blud Saints

Nairobi parents warned over bizarre cult Young Blud Saints

Parents in Nairobi have been cautioned against an emerging cult targeting the youth especially those in universities.

On Friday, the Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI) issued a statement saying those recruited are expected to sacrifice what they love most to prove their loyalty.

According to the agency, the cult known as ‘Young Blud Saints’ reportedly believes in three gods: true god, false god and random god.

They claim that the random god is the one who fails them “because he is not firm with his decisions and his answers are not straight.”

DCI boss George Kinoti urged parents and guardians to keep a close eye on their children to prevent them from joining the cult.

He however assured Kenyans that the agency is closely monitoring the activities of the group.

“Parents and the general members of the public are encouraged to seek psychological guidance from professional counselors and religious institutions when they notice unusual change of behavior in their children,” he said.