World Economic Forum kicks off in Kigali, Rwanda

World Economic Forum kicks off in Kigali, Rwanda

The world Economic Forum on Africa kicked off in Kigali on Wednesday, bringing together African policy makers, business leaders and entrepreneurs in an effort to influence Africa’s growth narratives.

This year’s Theme ‘ Connecting Africa’s Resources Through Digital Transformation’ is built upon the concept of the Fourth Industrialization Revolution, a far cry from the steam, water, electricity and technology that marked the first second and third industrial evolutions.

The Fourth, proponents say, will blur the lines and change how the world connects, trades and communicates with Africa.

Africa’s leaders will be assessing the impact the shift brought on a region of the world that is in many parts still grappling with much earlier stages of industrial development.

The conversations will touch on education with African leaders challenged to rethink the education sector and foster through next generation of society leaders.

Fred Swaniker, the founder of the Africa leadership group and the Africa Leadership University which opened its first campus in Mauritius, will be opening the ALU Business School in Kigali this week, which is in essence an African version of the Ivy Leagues that intends to impact a new crop of African thought leaders.

Health care, energy, Agriculture, inequality and cyber crime are some of the key topics in this year’s summit, which brings 5000 delegates to the city of Kigali.