Forget boiled potatoes! This is how to make Viazi Karai

If you are looking to make a tasty snack, this quick recipe will turn your plain potatoes into a delicious, celebrated dish in your household.

6-8 potatoes quartered and boiled
2 teaspoons Red Chilly powder
3-4 lemons juice
Yellow food colour
1 cup flour

Mix the chilly powder lemon juice and salt to taste in a small bowl and set it aside.

Mix the flour together with yellow food colour and a bit of salt add water and whisk to a thin paste. Set it aside.

Take the potatoes and slice each piece in between but not till the end add the chilly paste in all your potatoes.

Put your oil on a fryer or deep pan , now take the potatoes and deep then in the flour paste and deep fry them.

Serve your potatoes hot with chutney sauce.