Police heighten vehicle security searches in Samburu

Police heighten vehicle security searches in Samburu

All vehicles getting in and out of Samburu county will be from Wednesday 10th January be subjected to an intensive search, county commissioner Alfred Kinyua said.

Speaking to journalists in his office, Kinyua said the move is aimed at reducing cases of insecurity as well as nab those involved in the transportation of stolen goods.

According to Kinyua, vehicles transporting goods to Maralal town are being used by criminals to ferry stolen items from Samburu to other towns.

“We will mount road blocks at strategic places and all vehicles coming in and out must be searched, we are aware that miraa vehicles are being used to transport stolen goods,” he said.

This comes after several cases of house break-ins were reported from the new years eve.

More than a hundred residents have lost their household goods to house burglars which are allegedly sold outside Samburu county.

Area residents had earlier on accused the police of laxity in dealing with burglary cases.

“I will follow up on that matter, no one should sleep on his job,” affirmed the county commissioner