UK sports bodies ask government for emergency aid

UK sports bodies ask government for emergency aid

A coalition of over 100 sports bodies, including the Premier League and Football Association, have asked British Prime Minister Boris Johnson for emergency funding because of the novel coronavirus pandemic, the BBC reported on Monday.

The group, which also comprises the UK’s tennis, cricket and rugby governing bodies, is worried about “a lost generation of activity” says a letter to be presented to the government.

Sporting events in Britain have largely taken place behind closed doors over the past few months, reducing revenues and jeopardising jobs in the sector.

“We require a comprehensive support package for the sport and physical sector to aid its recovery,” say the group in the letter, seen by the BBC.

“This package must combine investment, tax incentives, and regulatory reform. COVID-19 has undermined our commercial revenue streams with both stadiums and leisure facilities closed or greatly reduced in capacity.

“The impact of this will potentially lead to a lost generation of sport and activity.”

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