Tuskys And Ukwala SuperMarkets Fined

The two super markets were found guilty after Ukwala allowed Tuskys to manage three of its Stores.

Tuskys is said to have invested 200 million shillings in the stores.

The three Ukwala outlets operated by Tuskys are Ronald Ngala, Jogoo Road and Tom Mboya branches.

The arrangement would involve Tuskys making decisions on acquisition of stock, setting prices, payroll management, staff re-organization, deployment of technology, rebranding, settling any third party costs of the three stores and generally put Tusky’s senior managers in charge of the day to day management of the stores.

The two supermarkets were found guilty of violating act 21(3) (a) and (e) of the Competition Authority by giving Tuskys the mandate to set the prices and other trading terms, of a competitor and in  addition to managing the three Ukwala Stores.

The parties have thus complied by paying the full amount to the Authority

Tuskys has 50 branches in Kenya currently.

By Mildred Amoni

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