Turkana women meet in bid to strengthen their campaigns

Turkana women meet in bid to strengthen their campaigns

More than 50 women from Turkana County vying for various elective seats in the forthcoming General Election held a consultative meeting in Lodwar to discuss strategic issues they can anchor their political agenda on.

The women, who converged under the “Vote A Dada Initiative”, discussed challenges affecting them especially retrogressive Turkana culture that has hampered their performance.

The initiative is aimed at ensuring women issues in Turkana are addressed. So far, no woman was elected to represent the Turkana people with all the Members of County Assembly of female gender being nominated.

Rhoda Loyor, one of the participants eyeing Women Representative position, said the Turkana culture is retrogressive in nature and has been a major barrier in women representation and progress.

Pauline Lokuruka, an educationist, said 52 years since independence, education levels in Turkana remain low with most women not being able to access basic levels.

Mildred Nzau, the coordinator of Youth Agenda and who organized the forum, told women to vote themselves and support each other during elections and nominations.

The meeting comes a few days after women were allegedly told to step down for their male counterparts in the forthcoming elections.

Written by Erick Kombo