Tuju heckled in Siaya for criticizing Raila ‘swearing-in’

Tuju heckled in Siaya for criticizing Raila ‘swearing-in’

Jubilee Party Secretary General Raphael Tuju was on Saturday heckled at a funeral in Rarieda, Siaya County after he ridiculed the ‘swearing in’ of NASA leader Raila Odinga.

The former Rarieda MP was speaking at the funeral of Mama Rosalia Ogego, the deceased mother to Deputy Director of the National Defense College, Ambassador Oginga Ogego.

Tuju took to the dais and began by jokingly asking anybody in the audience with a Bible to assist him with it so he could take an oath as well because “I hear you people nowadays just take oaths.”

This remark did not go down well with opposition supporters in the region who responded with jeers at the recently appointed CS (without portfolio.)

Tuju’s pleas to the mourners to allow him finish his speech fell on deaf ears as they kept heckling and hurling abuses at the Jubilee point man.

“Can we have some silence, please. I beg to finish. But if you people don’t want me to finish then I could as well also just leave,” said Tuju, to even more boos from the crowd.

Tuju, who stood his ground and even stated that he was getting used to that kind of reception from opposition supporters, was jeered by the mourners and forced to uneventfully cut short his speech after mentioning that Odinga’s ‘oath’ as the people’s president was null.

“Even if you do not want me to say it, I will still say it… the ‘oath’ you people recently took is what is called kalongolongo (Children’s cooking game),” added Tuju

The now visibly annoyed crowd began walking out of the funeral, even as Ambassador Ogego pleaded for calm.