Jackson Kibor in the dock for threatening to kill his son

Jackson Kibor in the dock for threatening to kill his son

Controversial Eldoret-based farmer Jackson Kibor has been charged with two counts of threatening to kill his son and refusal to have his fingerprints taken by police.

Appearing before Eldoret Resident Magistrate Harison Barasa, Kibor denied the charges was released on a cash bail of Ksh80,000 or a bond of Ksh100,000.

The court also ordered Kibor to immediately report to Eldoret and have his fingerprints taken.

The court was told that Kibor threatened to shoot his son Ezekiel Kibor last week on Tuesday at their family farm in Eldoret after a disagreement.

Speaking to Citizen Digital, Mr Kibor accused his sons of plotting to sell his land using fake title deeds.

He intimated that he bought his land in 1963 and still holds original titles, adding that the titles used by his sons have a fake name.

“They don’t want the land, they just want me to give them the land so they can sell it,” he said.

“I sweated for this land and can’t allow them to come and play with it.”

A powerful figure in Eldoret County, Kibor stated that he owns a gun that was issued to him in the 80s, adding that he uses it to defend himself and his property.

“The gun is not for shooting people,” he said.

The case will be heard on the 4th of next month.