Teachers Unions And Teachers Service Commission To Meet

The meeting is aimed at averting a looming strike by teachers who are demanding a pay hike of nearly 300 per cent.

The government is expected to table an offer for the teachers who have said they will down tools unless an acceptable offer is made

The negotiations are centered on 40 demands by the Kenya National Union Of Teachers.

The main demand is an increase in basic salary by between 180% and 290%.

Another demand is an increase in house allowance by up to 50% of the basic salary and payment of leave allowance and township allowance.

TSC had proposed a 50-60% pay increase which the salaries and remuneration commission says will spiral the teachers wage bill out of control.

The fate of the Kenya Certificate Of Secondary Education examinations that are set to kick off next week will now depend on this afternoon’s meeting.

By Bonareri Nyamoita

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