Wanjigi, Collymore switched at birth?

Wanjigi, Collymore switched at birth?

Jimmy Wanjigi remains a person of interest in the internet as Kenyans look for more ways to keep him relevant. On Wednesday, it was about his house and wife, on Thursday, it was his uncanny resemblance to Safaricom boss, Bob Collymore.

The two have more than looks in common, besides their dashing wives, that were both revealed in pressing circumstances, they both run multi-billionaire firms though Wanjigi’s wealth is far superior to that of Mr. Collymore.

Jimmy Wanjigi who is famously known as James Bond, has not been frequent to screens hence the timely realisation of the canny resemblance.

The “shocking revelation” has kept some on the interwebs busy through the day with many wondering if the Kenyan and the Guyana-born British mogul share a mother or a father.

Kenyans reaction:

— Stephen Kariuki (@Crazymaniaq) October 18, 2017


— Fadamullah Isaac Snr (@FadamullahSnr) October 19, 2017






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