Suspected robber gunned down in Kiambu

Suspected robber gunned down in Kiambu

A suspected robber was shot dead in the dawn of Friday, January 27 after he was caught stealing from a shop in Kiambu’s Karanjee village.

According to area chief, Francis Kimani, the suspect was part of a gang that has been terrorizing the residents by breaking into their homes and businesses.

Two other robbers escaped with gun shots and police are appealing to residents and health care facilities to report anyone with such wounds to the authorities.

The residents’ claim the robbers had become a nuisance in the area as they have been using sleep-inducing chemicals on them (residents) in order to carry out the criminal activities without being noticed.

They say that they have been spending sleepless nights for fear of attacks.

Police recovered several weapons and a car they had been using to terrorize the residents.

Written by Boretor Mercy 

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