Seven killed in horrific Kamukuywa road crash

Seven killed in horrific Kamukuywa road crash

Seven people died on the spot while 5 others sustained serious injuries after a grisly road accident near the Kamukuywa Bridge on Friday night.

The accident at 9pm occurred when a 14-seater matatu that was enroute to Kitale from Kamukuywa Town rammed into a stationary sugar tractor.

The bodies were later moved to the Kiminini Morgue.

According to eyewitnesses, the tractor that apparently belongs to the West Company Sugar Factory had dysfunctional headlights.

Angry residents who gathered at the scene of the accident on Friday set the tractor ablaze as the driver and turnboy fled.

They threatened to torch other tractors that they claim are causing accidents near the bridge.

The crash occurred just 600 meters from a spot on the bridge where 8 other people perished in a similar accident involving a matatu and a tractor.

The death toll of accidents on the bridge in under six months now stands at 34.

Nine people from the same family also died at the same spot after the vehicle they were travelling in collided head on with another sugarcane tractor.