Raila Odinga makes the big announcement

Raila Odinga makes the big announcement

Opposition leader Raila Odinga has said the National Super Alliance (NASA) coalition will move to the Supreme Court to contest the presidential election results.

Speaking at the Okoa Kenya Offices in Nairobi on Wednesday, August 16, Odinga, while addressing the press, said: “NASA wants to show the world what transpired in the August 8 General Election”, which he termed the leadership elected as “computer generated”.

According to the Constitution, Odinga, who feels aggrieved following President Uhuru Kenyatta’s declaration as winner in the race for President by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC), had seven days beginning Friday, August 11 to file a petition at the Supreme Court of Kenya. The time span lapses Friday, August 18 5pm.

Odinga amassed 6.7 million votes against President Kenyatta’s 8.2 million.

“We had said that we would not go to the courts. However, the raid on the civil society and determination to silence all voices that could seek legal redress, like the the Africa Centre for Open Governance (AfriCOG), the Kenya Human Rights Commission, we have now decided to move to the Supreme Court and lay before the world the making of a computer-generated leadership,” said Odinga.

“By going to the court, we are not legitimising some calls by some observers for us to concede, but we are seeking to give to those who braved the long lines in the morning chill and hot afternoon on Tuesday August 8, 2017; mothers with their children tied on their backs; the sick; people with disabilities; old and young a chance to be heard.”

“NASA wants to show the world what transpired in the fraud.”

“If Kenya, one of Africa’s most vibrant democracies, except at election time, has been so easily intimidated to surrender, then what hope is there for the rise of Africa? It is in this regard that we call upon all African democrats to publicly show solidarity with Kenyans,” he added.

“People are now held under siege. The government is violently demobilising civil society organisations for daring authoritarianism and seeking justice.”

Odinga says the announcement of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s win was unlawful, given Forms 34A from all the 40,883 polling stations across the country had not been tallied at the time.

“At midnight last Friday, the IEBC announced that Uhuru Kenyatta had been elected President even without all Forms 34A having been tallied.”

“Once the polls closed last Tuesday, IEBC began streaming presidential results. Ezra Chiloba made the admission that the Commission was not able to supply all Forms 34A. This means the results from last elections are null and void and that Mr. Kenyatta was not a validly elected winner.”

Odinga argues that an 11 per cent constant lead, which was maintained over him by President Kenyatta during the counting of votes, was unreal.

“There was a bizarre phenomenon of Uhuru Kenyatta’s lead maintaining an 11 per cent lead throughout the tallying. A fixed gap has never been maintained in any democracy in the world.”

“IEBC might have declared Uhuru Kenyatta as President but a vast number of Kenyans have not approved Uhuru Kenyatta’s win.”

“We refuse to sit and watch Jubilee turn our country into a banana republic.”

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