Legio Maria Popes finally end decade-long feud

Legio Maria Popes finally end decade-long feud

By James Latano

Two factions of the Legio Maria church who have been embroiled in wrangles for a decade now have finally entered a truce and buried the hatchet.

In a meeting held at St. Michael Mapera Church in Migori County on Tuesday, Pope Romanus Ongombe and his longtime nemesis Pope Raphael Adika ended the heightened tension that nearly led to the collapse of the religious sect.

Pope Ongombe, while addressing the church members, said he extended an olive branch to Pope Adika so that they can come together and start new journey.

“I called my brother after realising that the church was going the wrong direction. We have to remain united in this service because our differences doesn’t mean good for the church,” said Pope Ongombe.

“Such minor differences have led to serious divisions in the past and we would not want to take that direction. God does not accept divisions so we’ve got to remain united.”

Pope Adika echoed his counterpart’s sentiments, further urging the church members to also come together for the unity of the sect.

“My brother has said it all, All I can call for is a strong church that can beat the test of time and offer leadership for posterity,” he stated.

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