Police Cancel All Political Rallies And Demos

The ban will stay until further notice, according to a statement by Police Spokesman Masoud Mwinyi.


Addressing the media today, the police spokesman cited the prevailing security situation in the country for the ban on all political rallies.


Mwinyi was particular with terror threats as well as other crimes in the country.


The ban comes at a time when CORD is planning a massive welcome rally for its leader Raila Odinga who is expected in the country on Saturday.


Odinga will be arriving in the country after an absence of over 2 months.


The CORD leader and presidential candidate in the 2013 elections has been away in Boston.


The announcement of the ban has infuriated CORD leaders who have vowed to defy the order and continue with their planned political rallies.


Apart from the Odinga welcome rally, the coalition has also announced it will be holding rallies every weekend.


“We will not be taken back to the dark KANU era,” CORD leaders said.


“Previous terror attacks have not been caused by political rallies! Every Kenyan has a right to express her political opinion!” said CORD.


Campaigns for Bonchari and Mathare constituencies also will be affected by the order.



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