Rethink Your Police Training Directive, MPs to President

Rethink Your Police Training Directive, MPs to President

Igembe South Member of Parliament Mithika Linturi and his Suna East counterpart Junet Mohamed have accused the President for setting a wrong example by acting against a High Court ruling that temporarily stopped the training of the 10,000 police recruits selected last year.

The High Court heard that the selection of the 10,000 recruits was marred by corruption and other irregularities.

The two MPs accused the President of acting in contempt of court and disregarding the rule of law.

Linturi said that the President should rethink his decision to avoid plunging the country to an era of lawlessness.

“The President needs to understand that he is not above the law. He needs to re-think his decision or else risk leading the country to another era of lawlessness,” said Linturi.


Encouraging Kenyans to break the law

The legislator argued that the recruits – being products of a flawed process – will export the same corruption and irregularities to the police service.

Linturi’s sentiments were echoed by Junet Mohamed who accused the President of misleading the country.

“What the President is doing is encouraging more and more Kenyans to break the law and disobey the courts,” said Mr Mohamed.

The two MPs, who were appearing on Citizen TV’s Power Breakfast show, said that the police service should do the recruitment afresh.

Their sentiments came a day after the Commission on Implementation of the Constitution (CIC) warned the President and the Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett  on the move.

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