Police bust agency for migrant workers holding 400 women in Kiambu

Police bust agency for migrant workers holding 400 women in Kiambu

Detectives from the transnational organised crime unit of the DCI are questioning proprietors of Khaleej Home Care Centre, a domestic workers training institution following claims that they were detaining students against their will.

A raid at the Limuru road institution in Kiambu county revealed that it failed to adhere to COVID-19 prevention regulations as more than 400 women for training ahead of shipmen to the middle east, without social distancing.

A close look at the Kantaria church hall, belonging to the ACK Redhill Church, rented out to Khaleej Home Care, reveals an institution not keen on social distancing requirements .

With social distancing thrown out of the window and more than 400 beds arranged, it put to question the very authorities that cleared this institution to operate without putting into consideration the COVID-19 pandemic

Some of the spaces between these double decker beds are too small to even let someone pass through.

It is home to some 400 women between the ages of 21 and 50 undergoing training before heading to Saudi Arabia as domestic workers.

Some say they were shortchanged by their agents.

“Wanatuambia tutakuwa professionals, kama kukuwa nurses doctors na teachers , but ukifika haha unapewa contract ya house maid,” one told Citizen TV. “Agent hata ukimpigia simu sasa hashiki na kama mimi niko na watoto akishika ananitumania mia mbili, surely hiyo inaweza lisha familia yangu?”

Others decrying the sorry state of hygiene as the institution only has two toilets. There is also no choice of meals here.

Others however see no problem with the institution saying that all they want is a job abroad.

The teachers here inform us that they receive the students from different agents across the country, and put them through a one month training before they depart.

Trouble started this time round after two weeks delay in examination from the National Industrial Training Authority (NITA)

Ddetectives have confiscated operating licences from Kiambu County Government and the National Industrial Training Authority to check their validity and also freed students who claimed to be held here against their will.

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