Police arrest 52 teenagers found drinking in Migori bars

Police arrest 52 teenagers found drinking in Migori bars

More than 50 teenagers were arrested during a night raid conducted in drinking dens in Migori Town on Friday night after they were found indulging in underage drinking and illicit sex.

The 52 teens both male and female are said to have taken New Year celebrations a notch higher by thronging bars and restaurants with the aim of engaging in illegal drinking.

They were paraded in groups of twos before being taken in police custody awaiting their charges.

Confirming the incident, Migori OCPD Moses Chepyegon said the minors were found in bars in the area
with a majority of them being found drunk.

“It is very unfortunate that bar operators were selling alcohol to children. It is unlawful and punitive measures will be taken against the operators and the minors,” said Chepyegon.

Residents lauded the police for their efforts arguing that such behaviour can only work to expand the web of HIV/AIDS and teenage pregnancies.

Meanwhile, Migori County community based organization for Youths Against Drugs And Substance Abuse and HIV/AIDs (Yadasah) is appealing to the county assembly to enact the liquor Bill to stop bar operators from selling alcohol to minors.

Yadasah Secretary General Celestine Mwango said the failure of the county assembly to bring to the floor the liquor Bill has provided a leeway to bar operators to sell liquor to minors.

She also noted that bar operators should operate within the confines of the law, saying that this can be achieved with the existence of punitive a liquor Bill.

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