Yare Plaza in Eastleigh closed for hours following a bomb scare

Yare Plaza in Eastleigh closed for hours following a bomb scare

Business at the Yare Plaza in Eastleigh came to a standstill on Thursday afternoon following a bomb scare that saw business people close shop and flee.

This as after leaflets were dropped around the area, warning people to stay away from the building as of Thursday around lunch hour.

Police officers who responded to the leaflets sealed the area as people fled to safety, until around 4.30 p.m when a bomb squad deployed to the building declared it safe.

Kamukunji Sub-county DCC Samuel Kariuki confirmed the incident, assuring the residents that the building was safe and proper probe into the matter would be conducted to uncover those behind the motive, and their intentions.

Mr. Kariuki was accompanied by area member of parliament, Yusuf Hassan who promised traders that action would be taken against those found culpable.

“Labda idara ya polisi ichunguze ni mjinga gani huyo alitoa tisho hilo achukuliwe hatua kali sababu amepoteze watu kazi, sababu amepotezea polisi kazi,” area MP, Yusuf Hassan said.

“Hiyo tisho ilikuwa ni uongo, haikuwa na uzito wowote, idara ya polisi wamekuja wamwnagalia jengo lote na hakuna shida lolote, wale wanataka kuja Eastleigh, kujeni, hakiuna shida yoyote,”

Meanwhile, business people have urged building owners to consider using bomb detectors at building entrances to avert such incidents.

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