Video: Four farmers shot in fresh Mwea land tussle

At least four people were shot when violence flared yet again at the Mwea Irrigation Scheme.

A section of residents accused police of allegedly protecting those with the intention to subdivide the land.

Police were involved in running battles with the locals who kept throwing stones at the officers.

The piece of land at the centre of a tussle between Kirinyaga and Embu counties has caused divisions among locals, with each county claiming ownership.

Tension remains high with heightened fears of an escalated war between newly allocated settlers and squatters who have lived on the 44,000-acre scheme for ages.

James Maina, 48,  claims that he and his family have lived there for decades and now have nowhere else to go.

Agitated youth expressed shock at the alleged excessive force used by security personnel who are keeping vigil at the scheme.

According to Mr. Eston Nyaga, chairman of the Mbeere Council of Elders, the just concluded demarcations might be untenable unless contingent security measures are enforced.

Hundreds of newly allocated settlers camped at Mashamba Shopping Centre the whole day but could not be shown their parcels of land following a scuffle by squatters who engaged police in running battles.

Mbeere South OCPD Ahmed Mohammed and Deputy County Commissioner Beverly Opwora led security forces to the site to ensure that the situation did not go out of control.

On Saturday, scores of people were injured when violence broke out in the area.