Governor Mwangi Wa Iria bans people from other counties from traveling to Murang’a

Governor Mwangi Wa Iria bans people from other counties from traveling to Murang’a

Governor Mwangi Wa Iria has asked residents of Murang’a to limit movement between counties to avert the spread of the coronavirus.

At the same time, he banned visitors from other counties from travelling to Murang’a saying the visits are placing the county under the risk of the pandemic.

He was speaking in Muranga where over 1000 litres of hand-sanitizer were handed over to stakeholders  for use at bus terminals across the county.

During the same address, Wa Iria said the county has seen a mass exodus of people travelling for drinking sprees in other counties whose bars are still operational.

“I know we have banned partying here, I know some people are moving to other counties to drink, and then they come back, we will not allow that, this coronavirus is not a joke,” He said

To curb this, he said his government will now start asking travelers from Murang’a where they are travelling to and for what reason.

He also asked the National Government to consider banning travel between counties saying it will be a key step in stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

“I know this will be unpopular but I do not want visitors in Murang’a form other counties, Murang’a people should also stay in Murang’a, experts say this virus is spread by people moving from one place to the other,” He said.

Further, Wa Iria said that after banning inter-county travel, if the situation gets worse, the ban will be extended to the sub-county level, then to the wards and later into the villages.

“This coronavirus is following movement of people, we do not want you to travel and infect people or travel and bring the disease here, we have to be careful,” He added.

His statement was echoed by Murang’a County Commissioner Mohamed Mbale who said limiting movement between counties is essential.

“If you see other countries that battled the disease before us, they were on total lockdown, we thank God we are not there yet but there is need for people to limit movement,” Mbale said.