Renowned music group Elani opt to sell own music for sh. 30

Renowned music group Elani opt to sell own music for sh. 30

Rising from the scandal brought by the Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) Elani music group is rising yet again. The music group has recently done a song with Uganda’s Jose Chameleone titled ‘My Darling.’

Due to the controversies between the music group and MCSK, the group has decided to let their fans pay to hear their new track through posting a social media post by dialing *808*80# to get the full song for only Sh.30.

The group that has been previously making all their releases available on their YouTube channel has now resorted to selling their own music.

Recently, Elani revealed that they were paid a paltry Sh31, 000 in 2014 despite have five songs on constant rotation on local radio and TV stations.

Elani took to the internet and made a video dubbed ‘Elanispeaks’ which they posted on You Tube explaining where they had been for 12 months and also the issue with the music copyright society of Kenya.

In the video, however, the renowned music group called on all artists to make sure that the music copyright of Kenya pays them accordingly for what they do.

On pursing the matter further, they were told that each of them would receive Sh100, 000 each as compensation. A move many believe was meant to silence them.

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