Choices have consequences, MP Kanini Kega tells Raila

Choices have consequences, MP Kanini Kega tells Raila

Kieni MP Kanini Kega has lashed out at NASA leader Raila Odinga over his insistence on being sworn in.

Speaking to Citizen Digital on phone, Kega said the NASA leader should be allowed to go ahead with the controversial swearing-in, warning that he (Odinga) should equally be ready to face the consequences.

“We cannot live in a state of perpetuate threats from NASA leader Raila Odinga and his brigade. If he wants to be sworn in, let him be sworn-in, I can even offer him a Bible,” said Mr Kega.

“Raila Odinga should however know that after being sworn in he will face treason charges because choices have consequences and what he plans to do is illegal.”

The legislator said Kenyans are tired of political rhetoric and want development, stating that nothing will deter President Uhuru Kenyatta from moving forward with his development agenda.

“Election season is over, it is now time to build the country and unite the people. As Jubilee our focus is on delivering on our pre-election promise to Kenya.”

Kega’s remarks are in response to Odinga’s pronouncement in Mombasa on Sunday that nothing will stop him from carrying the bible (and being sworn in).

NASA had planned to swear in Raila Odinga on December 12, at a parallel event with the Jamhuri Day celebrations. The ‘inauguration’ of Mr. Odinga was however postponed to a yet to be announced date.

The opposition chief, who boycotted the October 26 presidential election, said he does not recognize President Kenyatta’s win, calling on further electoral reforms that will lead to another election.

Attorney General Githu Muigai however, termed the controversial swearing-in as high treason and cited the Constitution which prescribes death as the punishment for treason.

“The constitution of Kenya provides in clear terms in Article 2 (2) that no person may claim state authority except as authorised by the constitution. A swearing-in of any other person not declared to have lawfully won an election by IEBC and administered by the Chief Justice is high treason in respect of the person involved and any other facilitating that process,” said the AG