I am not having sex with fellow women – Mishi Dora

I am not having sex with fellow women – Mishi Dora


Socialite-cum-actress Mishi Dora has refuted viral rumours that she is a bisexual.

Allegations that Dora enjoys same-gender sex recently surfaced online when she posted to her Instagram page pictures showing her in a compromising position with fellow women.

Dressed in a tight white high-slit dress, the pictures showed the other woman holding and looking at her suggestively.

In yet another photograph, a different woman held her bottom seductively, prompting the rumour mill to go on overdrive.

Speculations, thereafter, swirled that Dora – besides being sexually attracted to men –, is also eyeing fellow women.

The mother-of-one, however, has come out to vehemently deny the allegations.

Speaking to EDAILY, Dora said she remains sexually attracted to men only.

“Why would I lay women yet there are many men chasing after me? I am completely straight, at least sexually.  The rumours claiming I am gay are baseless, and I am really disappointed in the people propagating them,” Dora told EDAILY on Friday.

The actress says the women pictured in the controversial photographs were her friends, and that they [images] were taken during a photo-shoot.