Petition seeks removal of LSK President Allen Gichuhi

Petition seeks removal of LSK President Allen Gichuhi

The Law Society of Kenya has filed a petition seeking the removal of the president Allen Gichuhi.

A memo sent to the LSK Chief Executive Officer by the Nairobi Representative Boniface Akusala on February 15 cited alleged mismanagement of the council.

“Please include this motion in the meeting slated for February 18, 2019; that by a resolution of council, Mr. Allen W. Gichuhi, be removed from the position of president and that in the interim, the Vice President to act as President,” the notice reads.

Gichuhi is further accused of abusing the office and not complying with the council charter as well as advancing interests of external forces as opposed to those of LSK members.

The council also alleges that he allowed personal prejudices to interfere with proper running of council and overruled decisions of council.

“The decisions accruing from the meeting that will be held on February 18 to remove the president shall be sent to the members for ratification on March 30, 2019 in the Annual General Meeting,” the memo reads.