Mudavadi lectures politicians at Jonathan Toroitich funeral

Mudavadi lectures politicians at Jonathan Toroitich funeral

Amani National Congress (ANC) Party leader Musalia Mudavadi on Saturday lectured politicians against engaging in politics at funerals.

Speaking at the funeral mass of Jonathan Toroitich at Kabarak University in Nakuru County, Mudavadi accused a section of politicians who he said are in the habit of shoving aside mourning and instead activate the “politics mode” even at funerals where they “do not even know who the deceased is”.

“I would like to urge my fellow politicians against politicking at funerals. You would find a politician doesn’t know who the deceased is; his or her gender, their name… but leads the pack in politicking when he or she is handed the microphone to speak,” said Mudavadi.

The NASA coalition co-principal also noted how some politicians end up mumbling in the event a preacher asks them to tell how they know the deceased.

“… Even when they are accorded the opportunity to speak at funerals, they say ‘sorry’ to the grieving family for just one minute and use the remainder of their time to insult other politicians,” lamented Mudavadi.

The ANC leader condemned the act, further urging politicians to refrain from what he termed as “inappropriate habits”.

Jonathan Toroitich who succumbed to pancreatic cancer on Friday, April 19, was laid to rest at his Kabimoi home in Baringo County.