MP Jayne Kihara: They tried to bribe me to reject sugar report but I refused

MP Jayne Kihara: They tried to bribe me to reject sugar report but I refused

Naivasha MP Jayne Kihara has revealed that she was allegedly approached by a Nakuru legislator who intended to bribe her to reject the sugar report but she declined.

Kihara further claimed that the person who approached her claimed that the document adversely mentioned some of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s allies.

Kuna wale walikula pesa, hata kuna mmoja alinikujia wa hapa kwetu Nakuru akaniambia yeye ndiye ameambiwa aongee na wabunge wa Nakuru awaambie hii report tunaangusha (There are those who accepted bribes, there is even one who came to me; one from Nakuru, and told me he has been directed to talk to Nakuru MPs to make sure the report is rejected).

“Nikamuuliza kwa nini akasema kwa sababu watu wametajwa ni wa Uhuru (When I asked why I was told that it is because the people mentioned in the report are linked to Uhuru),” Jane Kihara said.

According to the Naivasha MP, the sugar report had many loopholes which made them question its authenticity.

Jayne Kihara said that it was a shame that the report was ‘shoddily’ done and insisted that another one be provided to Parliament.

The controversy surrounding the sugar report pushed the Speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi to order investigations into bribery claims.

“I have instructed the Clerk of the National Assembly to immediately write to the members who have been quoted in sections of the media citing incidences of bribery within the precincts of parliament; inviting them to share their testimonies or any information that they may have with the Powers and Privileges Committee,” he said.

Reports of alleged bribery emerged after the sugar report was thrown out on August 9 following a heated Parliamentary debate.

Lawmakers claimed that the joint Trade and Agriculture Committee had been compromised.

South Mugirango MP Sylvanus Osoro further accused the Kanini Kega-Adan Haji led committee of being used to settle political scores.

Cabinet Secretaries Henry Rotich and Adan Mohamed were criticised for approving a duty-free period for businessmen to import excess sugar tax-free and failing to ensure that it would be fit for human consumption.

Report by Festus Lango