Injured Moi referral hospital guard accuses his boss of leading attack on him

Injured Moi referral hospital guard accuses his boss of leading attack on him

A guard at the Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital in Eldoret is seeking justice after he was allegedly beaten to a pulp by colleagues led by one of his seniors.

28-year-old James Kariuki Waweru has accused fellow guards at the hospital led by their senior, Evans Yogo of attacking him on 30th December 2017, after claiming to have found him with medical drugs.

Mr. Waweru, who is recuperating in hospital, has come out crying foul saying he wants justice served as the attack caused grievous bodily harm upon him.

“They slapped and kicked me continuously. One of them from the housekeeping department came from behind and knocked me down. Another one came and stepped on my neck as others held my legs,” narrated Mr. Waweru.

“Yet another came and started hitting me over and over again with the security guards’ baton. It was then that another security officer came and asked them why they were killing someone else’s child. He tried to rescue me and they beat him up too, all this while I remained down on the floor, unconscious. They then dragged me to the strong room where they locked me up for about two hours,” he added.

Mr. Waweru further claimed that his efforts to acquire a P3 form hit a stone-wall multiple times after he was frustrated from one police station to the next, an action he says was prompted by the perceived influence Mr. Yogo commands.

A P3 form is a Kenya Police Medical Examination form used to request for medical examination by a Medical Officer of Health, in order to determine the nature and extent of bodily injury sustained by a complainant(s) in assault cases.

He eventually received the P3 form on Sunday at the Eldoret Central Police Station.

Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital Director, Dr. Wilson Aruasa said the matter was being investigated and whoever is found guilty will be prosecuted in line with the law.

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