Giant Cell phone manufacturer drops the new Infinix Zero 5

Giant Cell phone manufacturer drops the new Infinix Zero 5

Giant cell phone manufacturer Infinix recently pushed to the market their latest magic ball, Infinix Zero 5.

This latest sleek outfit that comes in Sandstone black, Bronze gold and Bordeaux Red spells class, easy functionality and comes with some very interesting features that I am sure will grab the attention of many Android and tech lovers.

Let’s explore what it has to offer:

The Infinix Zero 5 does take a few cues from its predecessor the Infinix zero 4, but with more refined changes. But the jaw-dropping feature of the Zero 5 is unquestionably the front camera, or as Infinix has dubbed it, the ‘Selfie Camera’.

In a market where the selfie is king and Instagram reigns supreme, Infinix ZERO 5 is a mega 16 MP four-in-one camera with an LED flash to boot.

It uses both a 12 MP wide-angle lens and a 13 MP telephoto lens, with a 2x optical zoom and 5x digital zoom, and an f/2.0 aperture taking things to a new level and become a must-have accessory for selfie lovers.

Packed with a 4350mAh battery, the phone does not only have a fast charging option but with a 98% battery and running on Wi-Fi on and off, lots of photography and a mix of heavy and light gaming. The battery remains strong and powerful for a maximum duration.

On average, Infinix Zero 5 can last 48 hours before it gets to the critical 15% charge and starts notifying you.

Low Power & Ultra Power Save

Low Power: The phone screen remains colored and notably, does not downgrade mobile data connectivity like we are accustomed to on other phones.

Ultra Power Save:  The phone screen remains colored but allows you limited use of applications.

Fingerprint recognition

While the rear mounted fingerprint has become the norm for Infinix, Zero 5 also comes packaged with a very reliable fingerprint recognition technology.

In only 0.4seconds, the fingerprint feature can unlock your phone and give you easy access to your device. The positioning of the fingerprint feature behind the device makes it difficult for novices to ascertain exactly how the phone was unlocked.

This goes to show that Zero 5 is definitely not treating the issue of security with kid gloves. So provided your phone doesn’t get missing, you can be sure of its safety both on and offline.


One Tecno Phantom 5, one USB adapter, one USB cable, a pair of earphones, one flip case cover, one SIM extractor, one customised micro SIM adapter, one warranty card,  and one user guide is what you should find in the box.


The display is not left out, Zero 5 flaunts of its 2.5d curved anti-wearing glass which could guarantee your screen looking as fresh as the first time you peeled off that plastic guard straight out of the box.

While Zero 5 comes with an optimized off-screen app management, this version of X OS also introduces very powerful productivity tools that includes a multi window OS. This offers half screen compatibility with any app, making multi-tasking super easy.


  • 12 and 13 MP dual cameras with X2 optical zoom and X5 digital zoom
  •  Fingerprint authentication for enhanced security
  • 6GB DDR4 RAM
  • 4350mAh Battery
  • 1080p resolution display with 368ppi


  • Tends to overheat especially when using the camera or on heavy 3G/4G usage


Will the phone live up to its expectations?

I think Yes. Given its compatibility and adaptability, I can only leave you to explore and drop a comment below.