Inooro TV will be a hotbed of professionalism – Anchors

Royal Media Services (RMS) is set to launch vernacular TV stations to cater for its growing audience as part of the company’s strategy to consolidate and diversify its business.

Pioneering the venture into the widely untapped vernacular market will be Inooro TV, which will be launched officially on October 26th 2015.

There is much hype and expectation from viewers of Kikuyu-speaking community, especially since snippets of the unique programming have been released.

Inooro TV will cover: news, interactive stories, entertainment, features, comedies, drama shows and soap operas all broadcast in Kikuyu.

Inooro TV, which will be the first among 4 vernacular stations to be added to the RMS stable,  will even have Naiaj films translated into Kukuyu.

Citizen Digital spent time with Inooro’s news presenters Ken M. Wakuraya and Muthoni wa Mukiri who are excited about the platform. The fresh faced duo say Inooro will be Kenya’s official Kikuyu station.

“There’s no exact words which can explain the feeling of putting up Inoro TV because this is something that has not been done before. Inooro TV is a game changer,” Wakuraya intimated.

What should viewers expect from him and other news anchors?

“Stories told in the best way possible! We won’t be reading news, we will be telling stories. From us, the news anchors and the rest of the Inooro team, it is giving news as they are,” he affirmed.

Muthoni wa Mukiri, who shared Wakuraya’s sentiments, added Inooro TV will be a hotbed of professionalism.

“Inooro TV is really big, and unique. We are bringing professionalism and international standards in Kikuyu. We would really want to connect with the people,” she told.