Gospel singer Bahati in pain, going through a turbulent time

Gospel singer Bahati in pain, going through a turbulent time

Early this week, reports emerged that some gospel artistes, among them three celebrated male singers, are plotting to tarnish the name of their fellow musician Bahati in showbiz supremacy wars.

The group, reportedly came up with schemes to mudslide the Machozi hit-maker’s name and is alleged to be working closely with some bloggers and individuals who are said to be taking bribes to record lies aimed at ‘exposing’ Bahati as a ‘bad boy’.

Standard’s Monday Blues pullout claimed that two girls had been approached to record a video, confessing how they dated Bahati and even got children for him. They also planned to discredit Bahati after winning the Groove Awards, twice, claiming he corrupted his way into the win.

Weezdom – the singer’s confidant and artiste signed under Bahati’s EMB Records stable told Citizen Digital that the former street boy is passing through a turbulent time – consequently forcing him to switch off his cell phone and deactivate his social media accounts.

“Yes, some quotas in the gospel industry have been fighting him; though he is in a better position to speak about it. I am sure he will soon be in a position to respond. Though it’s a very wrong thing when people plan one’s downfall; he is very disappointed,” said Weezdom.

“Bahati is a human being, and it’s expected he’d feel bad when people gang up against him. He is a strong man of God, and I believe He will fight for him; God’s voice never makes one to despair,” said Weezdom.

“It is not clear whether Bahati will headline a show which he is slated to perform at in Machakos later in January,” Weezdom said.

His recording stable is, however, operational.

“EMB Records operations are going on as usual, I am signed artiste, and there’s Denno too. I am currently recording a song which will be released next month,” said Weezdom.

Bahati quits gospel?

Pulse on Friday, January 22nd reported that the singer has as a result of depression temporarily quit music. Citizen Digital cannot independently verify the claims since Bahati’s phone is switched off.

“I have decided to quit gospel music for now. I have decided to follow my heart. Gospel artistes, my very brothers, have been meeting secretly and plotting my downfall. I have so much pain in my heart. It is not worth being in the gospel industry now. At this rate, this hate will even get me killed. If they can even go to an extend of looking for my relatives and other people close to me to bribe them and have them cook lies about me, then aren’t they ready to do anything to finish me? If the fathers of the gospel can stand out and fight me, the small Bahati I am, then, it really gets funny,” Bahati is quoted by Pulse as saying.