Stop engaging in sideshows, Uhuru tells IEBC

Stop engaging in sideshows, Uhuru tells IEBC

President Uhuru Kenyatta has faulted NASA presidential candidate Raila Odinga over his endless demands before the repeat presidential election is held.

Addressing Litein residents in Kericho County, the Head of State urged Raila to stop taking the country in circles in a bid to complicate and delay the fresh poll because Kenyans want to move forward.

President Kenyatta insisted that the prolonged electioneering has affected businesses and the economy is already feeling the negative effects occasioned by the nullification of his victory.

Speaking in Gilgil town and Naivasha, the Jubilee Party leader said the opposition leader should be ready for the repeat polls as ordered by the courts further urging IEBC to prepare for the polls and stop engaging in sideshows.

“IEBC is an Independent commission. You are not supposed to take instructions from me and certainly not from Raila. Prepare for the election so that Kenyans can once again exercise their right to choose their leader,” said the President.

Kenyatta indicated that he accepted to go back to the people because he obeys the law and wants stability for Kenya even though he did not agree with the decision of the judges who nullified the election.

“Fifteen million Kenyans voted and everyone knew that we won. Four people decided their voice is bigger than the voice of 15 million Kenyans. If the court was just and if Raila has any dispute over the votes cast, the votes should have been recounted,” said the President.

The President, however, said the opposition leader is free to opt out of the repeat polls if he has developed cold feet. But he has no right, the Head of State pointed out, to give Kenyans conditions to be met before he participates in the elections.

He also reiterated that the government will not allow anyone to interfere with the national examinations’ calendar.

The President criticized the opposition leader for his insensitive comments over children who have been in school for years and have been preparing for exams whose dates are fixed.

“You are a candidate and your job is to prepare for the election. I am the President and I care about the Kenyan children. They will do their exams on the scheduled dates,” said the President in response to the opposition leader who demanded that the date of the national exams be delayed so that the election date can be moved from October 17.

On his part, Deputy President William Ruto said that come October 17, Jubilee will win with an even bigger margin than it did on August 8.

“We defeated you on August 8 and we will defeat you again with a bigger margin. The same Kenyans who rejected you on August 8 will do the same again,” the DP told the opposition leader.

“We are doing Raila and his friends in the courts a favour by participating in the repeat elections because we won,” said the DP.

The DP asked IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati to prepare for the elections without being distracted.

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