#ripnickcannon: Eminem and Nick Cannon at it again

#ripnickcannon: Eminem and Nick Cannon at it again

The feud between rapper and show host Eminem and Nick Cannon has reignited over a song.

In the lyrics; Nick Cannon, Suge Knight, a former music producer and three other rappers challenge Eminem to a rap battle with Cannon.

“The Invitation opens with phoned-in vocals from Knight who is currently imprisoned,” CNN reports.

On Tuesday, the hashtag #ripnickcannon was trending on Twitter as friends and fans made fun of the feud.


— . (@Trxsh_Gxd) December 10, 2019

— Stephen Geiger (@Stephen_Geiger) December 10, 2019


— Stephen Geiger (@Stephen_Geiger) December 10, 2019

In the song; Knight, amidst vulgar insults, challenges Cannon to a rap battle telling him that it’s his chance to show his mettle.

This is followed by demeaning rhetoric from Nick Cannon and the other three rappers, Hitman Holla, Charlie Clips and Prince Eazy.

They disparage Eminem over his claims that he was romantically involved with singer, Mariah Carey: she has refuted the rumors several times.

Eminem responds to a line in the track in which a rapper claims that his chauffeur captured a video of the rapper engaging in an indecent act.

”I demand an apology Nicholas, you’ve made my gardener so jealous,” Eminem responds sarcastically.

Mariah and Eminem have been at it since 2002 after the rapper made the relationship claims.

Nick Cannon was dragged into the fray in 2009, one year after marrying Carey when Eminem released the track ”Bagpipes from Baghdad”.

This could also open old wounds between Suge Knight who is on Nick Cannon’s camp and Dr Dre, Eminem’s mentor who were partners back in the 90s at Death Row records.




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