EAC To Converge For Extra Ordinary Session

The applications of South Sudan and Somalia to join the five member organization will form part of the agenda

The Presidents will consider a report on the revised model structure, road map and action plan for the East Africa Political Federation, which is the final ultimate objective of the East African regional organization.

Other issues to be considered will be progress achieved in the implementation of the Common Market, which was signed in November 2009.

The Common Market provides for the free movement of goods, persons, labor, services and capital.

It also provides for the right of establishment, the right of residence, free movement of services and free movement of capital within the region.

The Common Market is the second point of the entry of the Regional integration project after the Customs Union, which was signed in 2005.

The third phase—Monetary Union—was signed in Kampala in November last year.

The applications of Southern Sudan and Somalia to join the organization will also be reviewed.

By Beth Nyaga

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