Dogs maul man to death, yank off his manhood

Dogs maul man to death, yank off his manhood

A 38-year-old man was mauled to death by vicious dogs after he strayed to a private compound in Baraka Estate on the outskirts of Kericho town.

Kericho East Officer Commanding Police Division (OCPD) Justus Kitetu, said the man is believed to have been tipsy when he strayed into the compound and into the jaws and claws of the three mongrels.

“The owner of the dogs had unchained them at 11 p.m. when the stranger strayed into the compound around midnight and they lurched at him, mulling him to death,” said Kitetu.

Curiously the dog owner allegedly did not hear any commotion during the deadly attack.

“The individual claims that he was surprised at dawn to find the bloody body in his compound,” said Kitetu.

The OCPD also said that before the Friday night incident occurred, the deceased had earlier been spotted at midnight in a local pub drinking with friends.

Kitetu said they had launched investigations to determine whether the dog owner has a permit and had vaccinated the dogs against rabies.

“We have opened an inquest into the death and to determine whether the dogs had been vaccinated and the owner has necessary documents from the veterinary department,” said Kitetu.

He added that what they will determine from the inquiry will inform the action the police will take against the owner of the killer dogs.

According to local residents who rushed to the killing scene, the dogs had disemboweled and bit open the victim’s head during the attack.

They also yanked off the man’s manhood.

The body of the deceased was moved to Kericho district hospital mortuary.